President Stresses Unlimited Expansion of Ties with Commonwealth

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said unlimited development of all-out relations with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) sets a main strategy in the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy as it serves interests of regional nations. According to a statement released by the Presidential Press Office, Ahmadinejad made the remarks while addressing a meeting of Iran’s ambassadors and heads of representative agencies in the CIS countries here in Tehran on Wednesday.

During the meeting, he pointed to Iran’s inclination for the progress and perfection of all nations, specially those of the CIS, with which the Iranian nation has historical and sentimental ties.

The president further voiced Iran’s support for the independence, territorial integrity, glory and identity of the CIS countries, adding that the Islamic Republic will spare no efforts in establishing joint cooperation with the said states in order to help their progress and prosperity.

Referring to Iran’s cultural bonds and shared civilization and historical background with the Central Asian republics, the Caucasus and other members of the former Soviet Union, he said that unlimited expansion of all-out ties with the CIS states sets a principal strategy for his country as it serves the interests of the regional nations.

The chief executive official reminded that cultural ties link nations’ thoughts, and produce everlasting effects, and further reiterated the necessity for Iranian ambassadors to increase their activities in the cultural sector.

“The Islamic Republic ambassadors, specially those to the CIS countries which share a civilization and historical background with Iran, should pay particular attention to the development of all-out cultural ties with the countries of the said region in an effort to revive and use their rich cultural heritage and present its exalted values to the interested parties,” he said.

The president also underlined the need for the Iranian ambassadors to acquire a detailed knowledge of the country of their mission, and called on the envoys to pave the ground for mutual cooperation and transfer of Iran’s experiences in the different industrial, medical, agricultural and technological grounds to the regional states.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the remarkable growth of Iran’s non-oil exports in the last two years, and stressed his administration’s resolve to continue the same trend, adding, “Iran’s ambassadors should make coordination with the Iranian traders, bodies, exporting bodies and institutions in a bid to remove the existing barriers and pave the ground for increased economic exchanges between the Islamic Republic and the commonwealth countries.

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