Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker Confers with Iranian Counterpart

A0275168.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Visiting Kyrgyz parliament speaker met with his Iranian counterpart here in Tehran on Sunday.

During the meeting, the Iranian chief legislative official, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, noted his trip to Bishkek a few months ago, and viewed such exchanges by the two sides as an indication of the firm determination of the Iranian and Kyrgyz parliaments to expand ties in all the various political, economic and cultural areas.

He voiced preparedness of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly to pass any law which is required to help to the development and consolidation of bilateral relations with Kyrgyzstan.

Haddad Adel also expressed deep pleasure in the fact that there has never been a dark point or serious problem in the relations between the two ancient and Muslim nations.

He further stressed the need for the exploration of new grounds for the expansion of political, economic and cultural cooperation and ties by the two countries.

Elsewhere, the Iranian parliament speaker pointed to his country’s nuclear issue, and reminded that despite undeniable proofs and evidence – including frequent inspection of Iran’s nuclear sites by the international community – substantiating the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, the United States is still insisting to introduce such activities as non-peaceful.

“This hostile stance is adopted by the Untied States under conditions when the Zionist regime (of Israel) has not endorsed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), stockpiles hundreds of nuclear warheads and still the worst enjoys the United States’ support,” he mentioned.

Noting the United States’ problems in Afghanistan and Iraq, the speaker described deployment of alien troops in the region as a source of misery, and expressed the hope that there exist some wise people in the US who would thwart emergence of a new crisis in the region.

For his part, Kyrgyzstan’s visiting parliament speaker voiced pleasure in his visit to Tehran, and noted the outstanding role of the Iranian and Kyrgyz parliaments in consolidating the two countries’ bilateral and multilateral ties ever since his country’s independence in 1992.

“The parliaments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kyrgyzstan have played a remarkable role in the expansion of cooperation and relations between the two countries,” he said, and further called for the increasing development of his country’s ties with Iran in all the different parliamentary, political, economic and cultural areas.

Noting the many commonalties the two states share in the sphere of culture and civilization, the top legislative official described Kyrgyzstan as a peace-loving country seeking progress and development.

He said that Kyrgyzstan also believes that a part of its progress could be achieved through the expansion of ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To end his remarks, the chief legislative official called for the enhanced activity of the two countries’ friendship groups in the Iranian and Kyrgyz parliaments in a bid to encourage further development of Tehran-Bishkek bilateral ties

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