N. Fuel Delivery to Iran Unimpeded

A0117327.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Deputy Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Mohammad Sa’eedi said there resides no technical or legal impediment to the delivery of nuclear fuel to his country’s first nuclear power plant in Bushehr.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Sa’eedi noted his recent talks with the officials of the Russian company in Moscow and said, “We reminded the Russian side about our mutual agreement signed in September 2005, which included all the needed technical and financial estimates.”

“Later during his visit to Tehran, Mr. Romiyansev pledged that Russia would send the first nuclear fuel consignment to Iran in August 2006, but later the Russian side argued that fuel should be dispatched to Iran just 6 months prior to the launch of operation of the nuclear power plant,” he continued.

Sa’eedi further added, “Although we viewed the reasoning presented by the Russian side as imprecise, we agreed on the aforementioned period, and now considering that the Russian government has undertaken to accomplish the construction task and start operation of Bushehr power plant in September 2007, they should deliver the fuel by the end of this March.”

He also mentioned that all the needed grounds have been paved for the dispatch of nuclear fuel to Bushehr, warning that in case the delivery does not take place, the contract is violated both technically and legally.

Sa’eedi also said that Iran will present the Russian side in the coming talks next week with a formula for the rapid launch of operation of Bushehr power plant.

He said that financial needs and issues constitute a major part of the problems for the Russian side, adding, “But we have told them that if the Russian government complies with its undertakings regarding the fuel delivery and operation of the power plant, Iran will show still more flexibility and make some payments in advance of due dates.”

The official said that the Iranian side is flexible insofar as payments to the Russian contractor are concerned, which Tehran hopes, could persuade the Russian side to comply with its obligations.

He reiterated that there exists no financial problem between the Iranian and Russian sides as Iran has full flexibility in furnishing the other side with the needed financial resources even prior to the agreed dates.

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