FM Meets Italian PM

Visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki conferred with Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi about Tehran’s nuclear issue and Iraq on Wednesday. A report released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said that during the meeting, which was also attended by the Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema, the two sides also discussed the latest regional and international issues.

Mottaki stressed Iran’s irrevocable right to access and use nuclear technology, underlining that removal of ambiguities and easing concerns could be attained through diplomatic means and straightforward and transparent negotiations.

He further noted Baghdad security talks, and said the meeting proved that militaristic approach to restore security and stability to Iraq is inefficient and that attention to constructive political consultations to find a proper solution is of basic priority.

The Iranian top diplomat also pointed to Italy’s significant role, and said Rome can play a more active role in resolving regional and international issues.

He also voiced Iran’s support for Italy’s more active role in the said area, and viewed Rome’s participation in the talks about Islamic Republic’s nuclear issue and Iraq’s security as constructive.

For his part, the Italian premier pointed to the recent security talks in Baghdad, and praised Iran’s active and constructive participation in the said meeting, stressing that continuation of such efforts would lead to Iraq’s enhanced security and stability.

Romano Prodi further referred to Iran’s indisputable nuclear rights, and expressed the hope that Iran’s rights could be restored through use of diplomatic solutions based on negotiations and within the boundaries of international rules and criteria.

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