Six killed in Iraq truck blast

A suicide bomber driving a tanker truck detonated his explosives in a line of cars waiting to enter Fallujah, killing at least six people and wound dozens, police said today.The blast happened Friday evening on the edge of the village of Amiriyat, just outside Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad. Police said they didn’t know what the tanker truck was carrying but some of the wounded apparently had inhaled noxious fumes.

Police said the six people killed included two policemen, and 75 people were wounded, including women and children.

Back-to-back bombings last month released chlorine gas and raised worries that insurgents were experimenting with chemicals to boost the terror level of their attacks.

The US military also said last month that they found a car bomb factory near Fallujah with about 65 propane tanks and ordinary chemicals it believed the insurgents were going to try to mix with explosives.

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