Ivanov Warns against Meddling in Iran Affairs

Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov issued a veiled warning to Washington not to exploit Iran’s nuclear issue and meddle in Tehran’s political affairs. The Russian security chief expressed his country’s opposition to tactics being used by the US to pressure Iran. “We oppose this question being used as an instrument of pressure, being used to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs,” Interfax news agency quoted Ivanov as saying.

Meanwhile, Ivanov, who is Russia’s top negotiator with Iran over its nuclear program, urged Iran to clarify any remaining questions the international community may have regarding its enrichment activities, AFP reported.

Addressing the Council for International and Defense Policy comprising of Russian officials and foreign policy specialists, Ivanov reiterated that when international concerns are resolved, “then Iran will have the right to develop peaceful atomic programs.”

Iran insists uranium enrichment activities are strictly intended for the peaceful purpose of generating electricity.

Meanwhile, Tehran has complained of double standards regarding its treatment as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) when compared with the three nuclear-armed nations of India, Pakistan and Israel that have not signed the NPT.

Under the NPT Iran has the legal right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.

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