Iranian Nation Will Not Give Up its Nuclear Rights

The legal deputy of the Iranian foreign ministry said that in order to preserve its independence, the Iranian nation has so far paid a heavy price and will not give up its inalienable rights. The legal and international affairs deputy of the Iranian foreign ministry, Abbas Araghchi on Monday addressing a gathering of the foreign ambassadors to Tehran, elaborated on the latest stances of the Islamic Republic concerning its peaceful nuclear program.

Araghchi further made reference to the background and the role the UN security council played in the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, aggression of the regime of Saddam against the Iranian territory, indifference of the Council in the face of the extensive deployment of chemical weapons by the army of Saddam and inability of the UN security council in the case of the Zionist regime army’s invasion of Lebanon and considered the current measures taken by the UN security council in the face of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities a result of the instrumental usage of the Council by the US and a number of other western countries.

He further made reference to the statements made by Bolton who had said, “we have made use of the security council to mobilize the public opinion and have placed it in our tool box as a tool” and termed such remarks as a clear evidence to the true nature of the United States in making an instrumental use of the UN security council.

He added that Iran demands nothing beyond its legal right in compliance with the NPT rules and regulations and is prepared to cooperate to remove what is believed to be the concern of the west.

Araghchi then made reference to the efforts made by the West to pass a new resolution at the UN security council against Iran and stated that the UN security council has two options i.e. cooperation and settlement of the case through negotiations without any preconditions and Iran has already expressed its preparedness for such talks and the second option is confrontation and ratification of new resolutions against Iran by the security council, something that the US is after, however, such a measure will be faced with a proper responses from the side of Iran for the Iranian nation has paid a heavy price so far to preserve its independence and will not give up its inalienable and legal rights.

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