Hosseini Tash Denies New York Times News on Bushehr Power Plant

A02739116.jpgUndersecretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council rejected New York Times’ news alleging that the Russian officials have made supply of nuclear fuel requirements of Bushehr power plant conditional on the suspension of enrichment activities. Ali Husseini Tash rejected the statements attributed, by New York Times, to the secretary of Russia’s national security council, Igor Ivanov, in which he has allegedly made delivery of nuclear fuel to Iran conditional on the halt of enrichment activities by the latter.

Husseini Tash reiterated that Ivanov has not made such remarks.

He further stated that in a meeting with Mr. Ivanov, he and the Russian officials attempted to convince the Iranian party that the case of Bushehr nuclear power plant has nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear issue.

The New York Times in a report which was published on Tuesday quoting officials, who preferred to remain anonymous, claimed that the secretary of Russia’s national Security Council has warned Iran that Russia will refuse to supply nuclear fuel to Bushehr nuclear power plant in case Iran does not stop uranium enrichment activities.

This American daily further writes in the report that the warning was submitted to Ali Husseini Tash, the deputy of Iran’s supreme national Security Council secretary, Ali Larijani last week.

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