Supreme Leader Names 1386, Year of National Unity, Islamic Solidarity

A02739119.jpgIn a message on the occasion of the new Iranian year 1386, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei named the new Iranian year 1386, the year of national unity and Islamic solidarity. The message further reads, “Independence, national unity and public welfare constitute the Iranian nation’s aspirations and these aspirations can be materialized under the Islamic faith, unity of word, national hope and will, proper utilization of the country’s potentials as well as hard work and endeavor.”

The Supreme leader of the Islamic revolution further in his message on the occasion of the new Iranian year 1386, wished all the Iranians everywhere in the world as well as all the nations who celebrate Norooz (new Iranian year) a happy new year.

The Supreme leader termed creation of discord and weakening of the national unity of Iranians as well as economic problems aimed at blocking progress of the country as two major methods used by the enemies for confronting the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic adding that putting into effect of principle 44 of the Constitutional Law and preparation of the grounds for economic activities plus utilization of the country’s rich potentials by then a tional forces who believe in long term goals will foil the efforts made by the enemies to impede progress and development of the country.

Reminding the enemies’ psychological war and devilish efforts aimed at creating discord in the Iranian nation and in the world of Islam, Ayatollah Khamenei stated, “Under pretext of ethnic, religious and other tendencies, the enemies are planning to destroy the Iranian nation’s unity of word and trigger religious differences in the world of Islam and create a gap between the Iranian nation and the Islamic communities by waging war between Shiite and Sunni Moslems.”

The Supreme Leader further described national unity and solidarity and vigilant consolidation of the Islamic Ummah (nation) the only way to disappoint the enemies and foil the conspiracies hatched by them.

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