British Forces Admit Aggression against Iran’s Territorial Waters

Manager of the Cultural and Defensive propaganda division of the general staff of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran reported of the availability of evidence and documents concerning arrest of the British forces in Iran’s territorial waters. Alireza Afshar confirmed the arrest of 15 British marines by the naval force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps within the Iranian territorial waters on Friday and added that the said individuals are under prosecution and have confessed that they have aggressed against the waters of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He further stated that the Iranian armed forces are fully prepared to defend the country at all times.

Alireza Afshar concluded by saying that the US and its allies are aware that in case they make a mistake in their estimations and invade the Islamic Iran, they will not be able to control the dimensions and period of the war, in the same manner that the US expected the war imposed on Iran by the US-backed Saddam would achieve their expected results in 6 days, however, that war lasted 8 years and ended up in the failure of Saddam.

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