Iran Will Stop Cooperation with IAEA in Certain Fields

Iranian Government Spokesman reported of a ratification by the council of ministers that foresees revision of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in certain areas and added that cooperation in certain fields with the IAEA will be halted as long as Iran’s case has not been returned from the UN Security Council to the IAEA. Making reference to the issuance of an illegal resolution by the UN Security Council against Iran, government spokesman Gholam Hussein Elham said that in line with an earlier ratification by the parliament that urges the government to revise its cooperation with the IAEA, the council of ministers in a meeting presided over by the Iranian president here in Tehran on Sunday, decided to instruct the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization to halt cooperation with the IAEA in certain areas for as long as Iran’s nuclear case has not been returned to the IAEA from the UN Security Council.

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