No Stop in Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear Move Even for a Second

Iranian President described the recent resolution issued by the UN Security Council as illegal and said that the resolution will not stop- even for a second- the legal and peaceful nuclear move the Iranian nation has started. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here in Tehran on Sunday stated that some powers which, following the Second World War set up such mechanisms as the UN Security Council in pursuit of dominating the global relationships, are opposed to the dignity, honor, independence and progress of the Iranian nation.

He further added that issuance of the recent illegal resolution by the UN Security Council is in line with the opposition and animosity of some big powers towards the big nation of Iran, and such animosity began following the victory of the great Islamic Revolution.

Making reference to the point that the enemies of the Iranian nation have again made a mistake in their decision makings, president Ahmadinejad said, “They (the enemies) have been humiliated and defeated by the Iranian nation on several occasions and today too they are faced with a great, firm and united nation who continues moving along the path it has chosen mightier and firmer than in the past.”

The Iranian president termed the recent decision making by the UN Security Council as illustrative of the defeat and end of the liberal democratic system and stated that they (big powers) have occupied the position of a judge, prosecutor, plaintiff, and executor of the verdicts and deprive the lawyer of the other party of the right of defense.

President Ahmadinejad added that even if they issue hundreds of other pieces of paper like this, nothing will happen inside Iran and it is the credit and prestige of the international bodies that will be damaged more than ever in the past.

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