Larijani Blasts London’s Tough Words

A02780703.jpgIran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijani warned that in case Britain continues uttering arrogant words against Iran, Tehran will refrain from releasing a female British marine arrested along with 14 other comrades after trespassing Iranian borders. “The kind of behavior shown by the British government is an escape forward, the British leaders have embarked on making hues and cries in connection with this story, but such an attitude would not help to the solution of the problem,” Larijani told Iran’s state-run TV here in Tehran on Thursday.

He further reminded London that when its citizens violate the borders of another country, the issue should be pursued and verified in accordance with the rules and legal channels of the latter state.

The Iranian official warned that in case Britain continues the present path of political hues and cries and media propaganda, Iran will pursue the case through legal channels.

He also reminded British troops’ repeated trespassing on Iranian waters, and mentioned, “The last time, the second man in the British embassy in Tehran vowed in writing that such cases would not be repeated and he admitted violation of the Iranian coastal waters by the British forces.”

The SNSC secretary underlined, “We will never allow anyone to violate sovereignty of our country.”

“It is strange how the British government has embarked on turning the issue into a political and media story instead of conducting technical and specialized studies on it. We are not living in the Stone Age, there exist some advanced GPS systems which could verify the trespassing,” he stated.

“We were keen on solving the issue through diplomatic and bilateral means, but if the Britons are not eager to try this path, then there is no problem, we will pursue the case through the legal path,” Larijani underlined.

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