Protesting Students Call on UK to Apologize to Iran

A02780701.jpgA number of students congregated in front of the Iranian foreign ministry here in Tehran on Thursday to protest at the trespassing of the British troops on Iranian waters, and called for the trial of the said forces, underlining that London should apologize to Tehran for the violation of the Iranian borders. The students carried placards and banners reading ‘Iranian students demand immediate trial of aggressors’, ‘We are glad to see severance of trade ties with Britain, political ties must be cut too’, ‘The 15 British Spies should stand trial’.

Protestors asked what action London would take if Iranian soldiers trespassed British borders, adding, “thus, this is our right to demand respect for the rights of nations”.

Congregators further called for the trial of the British trespassers in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, reminding that Tehran has already shown too much mercy through releasing 8 other British troops who had entered Iranian waters illegally a little while ago.

“The British government should extend its formal apology to the Iranian nation and guarantee that such trespassing would not be repeated in future,” the students demanded.

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