Pursuit of Iran’s N Case at UN Security Council not Legal

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Paris, addressing a meeting at Paris 11 University stated that pursuit of Iran’s nuclear case at the UN Security Council lacks legal and technical bases. In a seminar on Iran, held in Paris 11 university on Tuesday, Iran’s ambassador to France Ali Ahani said that UN Security Council Resolution 1474 was politically motivated and served as a blow to the credit of the UN Security Council adding that suspension of enrichment as a precondition for negotiations is not acceptable at all.

Ahani added, “We are not planning to enter war with any country or the US, rather, we favor settlement of Ira’s nuclear case via negotiations and to do so, there is no need for confrontation and war.”

He further said that there reside rich oil and natural gas resources in Iran and the French companies can count on Iran as a reliable partner for investment.

Ahani named France as Iran’s third largest trade partner after Germany and Italy and reiterated that France has the capacity-in case the conditions are right- to become Iran’s number one trade partner, since Iran is planning to cooperate with the foreign companies and attract foreign investments and for this purpose exclusive facilities have been foreseen for investors such as tax holiday and exemption.

Iran’s ambassador to Paris further commented on Iran’s nuclear program and the West’s concerns in this regard and stated, “We were one of the first signatories of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and continue observing its contents, something which is not reflected in the misleading propaganda by the mass media.”

“In two years alone, we experienced over 2400 man/days in inspections by the IAEA’s inspectors, something which is unprecedented in the history of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Agency inspectors inspected all our sites and even visited some of our military sites and there was no report concerning Iran’s diversion” added Ahani.

He concluded by saying that Iraq is an Arab state with its own particular culture, tradition, language, etc. but Iran maintains and will continue to maintain respectful and friendly ties with all its neighboring states.

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