No World Authority Stands against Bullying Powers

Today, man’s honor and value are ignored, people’s rights are trampled, their lands are usurped and their progress is impeded while there exists no world authority to stand up to the bullying states and defend the rights of the oppressed, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Wednesday. Speaking during his first press conference in the new Iranian year (i.e. from March 21,2007 to March 20, 2008), the Iranian president said revision of the structure of the United Nations on the basis of justice is of grave importance, and warned that countries’ rights will be trampled upon if the structure of the UN Security Council is not revised.

He reminded that the coalition forces invaded Iraq in the name of toppling a dictator and bringing liberty and freedom to that country, adding, “No Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) was found in Iraq, the dictator was toppled and there is now an established constitutional law and a sovereign government in that country, but occupiers are still there.”

Ahmadinejad said that the invasion of Iraq stopped the country’s progress for dozens of years and destroyed a significant part of 7000-year-old human civilization in there.

He also reminded that thousands of people have been either killed and injured or made homeless.

“Is there any authority in the world to explain why aggression, war and bloodshed continues in Iraq,” the president asked.

Noting Saddam’s invasion of Iran, the Zionist regime’s invasion of Lebanon and the Israeli regime’s invasion and continued occupation of Palestine, he asked why the UN Security Council did not prevent aggressors in the said cases.

“During the war in Lebanon, the country underwent the worst bombardment in the contemporary history. Innocent children and women were killed. But were the relevant damages compensated?

“Couldn’t the Security Council take any action against such aggressions,” Ahmadinejad asked, and reminded, “But whenever a group decide to issue a resolution against such actions certain states veto the resolution.”

The president further reminded Iran’s lustrous history, culture and civilization and the aggressions and crimes committed by the western states, specially Britain and the United States, against Iran, including the US, Britain and certain European counties’ support for Saddam Hussein during Iraq’s imposed war on Iran.

“The US, Britain and some European countries played a great role in supporting Saddam, specially in equipping him with various bombs, but all those governments who equipped Saddam with chemical bombs escaped trial, and the Security Council did not take any step in preventing the aggression, rather, the UNSC exerted much pressure on Iran to accept defeat,” he said.

The president noted Iran’s civilian nuclear activities, and reminding that his country has been a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the last 35 years, he underlined that as a signatory of the NPT and member of the IAEA, “Iran can benefit its rights while other member states should render help to it.”

“Although the Islamic Republic of Iran has been deprived of its IAEA and NPT rights, it has always complied with its undertakings,” he continued, reminding that none of the IAEA reports has ever mentioned anything about Iran’s diversion from peaceful to non-peaceful activities or plans.

Ahmadinejad said while western powers enjoy nuclear technology, they strive to block Iran’s use of nuclear energy, adding, “The decisions of the UN Security Council regarding Iran’s nuclear case show how much they (the Council members) adhere to the rules and laws they themselves have compiled.”

“When we object to some UNSC member states, they say that they are under the United States’ pressure, but the question is how long they want to go on with adopting decisions under pressures,” he continued.

“Which government has practiced its veto-wielding right more than others,” the president asked. “And in which cases have they exercised their veto right?”

“Have they used it for condemning Iraq’s invasion of Iran, or in supporting Iran’s nuclear rights, or in support of the rights of the Palestinian and Lebanese nations,” Ahmadinejad questioned.

“Hasn’t the proper time arrived for revising the structure of the UN Security Council so that the Council adopts its decisions on the basis of right and justice?”

The president reminded that the structure of the UN Security Council was determined after the World War II, “and it was determined in such a way that the US and Britain enjoy full immunity.”

“Can any of the UN member states be hopeful about lodging a complaint against the US and Britain at the UN Security Council?

“In the meantime, if these powers have any problems with other countries they raise the issue at the Security Council and condemn such states.

“Today, honor and value of human being are ignored, people’s rights are trampled, their lands are usurped and their progress is impeded while there exists no world authority to stand up to the bullying states and defend the rights of the oppressed,” he continued.

Ahmadinejad said that the world nations today expect that right and justice form the basis of the UN Security Council decisions.

He mentioned, “If the present structure of the Security Council is not revised, then all the UN member states should wait to see their rights being trampled upon.”

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