Tehran Decisive to Set Iranian Diplomats Free

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that the Islamic Republic is determined to pursue the case of the Iranian diplomats kidnapped in Iraq and set them free.

Speaking to Iran’s state-run TV here on Sunday, Mottaki said that in two letters addressed to the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General on the abduction of five Iranian diplomats by the US troops in Iraq, Iran has called for a serious follow up of the issue.

“If we compare different cases, we can find out that in many cases, the UN Security Council embarks on intervening in some cases which do not fall within the boundary of its duties, while in some other cases, like the abduction of Iranian diplomats by the US troops, it refrains from showing deserving reactions due to the pressures exerted by the big powers,” he said.

The top diplomat ruled out any relation between the release of the Iranian diplomat, Jalal Sharafi, and the pardoning of the fifteen British troops, and stressed, “We are serious in confronting those agents in charge of the arrest of the Iranian diplomats in Iraq. Last Friday, I sent a message to the Iraqi foreign minister and officials and, reminding them that their efforts for the release of the diplomats have turned fruitless, I stressed that if the present conditions continue, Iran’s aids to Iraq will be troubled.”

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