Iran among Safest Countries in World

A01231911.jpgIntelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhehee stressed that Iran is one of the world’s most secure countries. Speaking to FNA in the city of Qazvin on Wednesday, the minister said, “As an official in charge of security and intelligence and considering the current status in other countries, I should announce with no partiality that despite animosities shown by the world’s hegemonic powers towards the Islamic Republic, Iran is among the safest and most secure world states and there exists no specific security problem in our country.”

He further reminded that the US, Britain and Israel strive to misuse any issue in their own interest.

“But they can’t do so any longer,” he assured.

Ezhehee pointed to the issue of the 15 British military troops arrested by vigilant Iranian coast guards after trespassing on Iran’s territorial waters, and said, “The case happened when the UN Security Council had just issued a resolution against our country and enemy intended to intensify its psychological war against the Islamic Republic both inside and outside the country in a bid to make the most benefit from the issue.”

“While Britain opted for a very unfair and fledgling approach and politicized the case, Iran showed a desirable practice of management and planning from the beginning to the end,” he continued.

The intelligence minister added, “And when Iran showed its affection and pardoned the marines, the British government was so fearful that it did not let the public welcome the marines and they transferred the released service men to a military base.”

Noting Iran’s most significant achievement in the case of the British marines, he said, “Iran’s might, authority and kindness as well as the unwise performance and actions of the enemies of the Islamic Republic were displayed in this case once again.”

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