Iran Voices Preparedness to Cooperate with Sierra Leone

A012319111.jpgIranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mostafavi said the ground has been paved for his country’s cooperation with Sierra Leone, stressing that Tehran strives to help implement all agreements already endorsed by the two sides. According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, Mostafavi made the remarks in a meeting here in Tehran on Wednesday with Sierra Leone’s Tourism Minister Okere Adams.

He further pointed to the Iranian officials’ resolve for bolstering cooperation with Africa, and described enhanced cooperation and exchange of views about ways of encountering the West’s anti-Islam efforts as among other aspects of Iran’s relations with Sierra Leone.

The diplomat assured full support of the Iranian foreign ministry for all efforts made in promoting relations.

For his part, Adams termed Iran a great regional power and supporter of Islam, and said that the accelerated growth of Islam in the world with Iran as its center has made West increase its pressures on Tehran.

He described Iran’s power as a source of pleasure for the developing nations, and expressed the hope that the two sides’ tourism and political cooperation would further consolidate, given the two nations’ cultural commonalities.

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