OIC Secretary General Stresses Opposition to Radicalism

A01231914.jpgWe are opposed to fundamentalism and radicalism, Muslims should not be accused of following such approaches, Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) said. Ekmeloddin Ihsanoglou made the remarks while addressing a meeting on the Islamic Conference here in Tehran on Wednesday.

Noting the history of the formation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, he said OIC was born in a disorderly turbulent world.

He pointed to the present world conditions, and stressed the need for an enhanced role to be played by the OIC, saying that the Organization can now start a new era of activity.

The OIC Secretary General further reiterated the need for the solution of the challenges existing in the world of Islam, and underlined that marginal and extremist movements and actions are not linked to the Islamic values.

“Our world is filled with insane individuals,” he said, adding, “Muslim countries should strengthen themselves more than before.”

The OIC chief further pointed to the issue of Palestine, and briefed the audience on the measures adopted by the OIC in the face of the Palestinian struggle, saying, “Palestine lies in the hearts of all of us.”

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