MP Calls for Immediate Release of Iranian Diplomats

A02594762.jpgA prominent Iranian lawmaker called for the immediate freedom of the five Iranian diplomats kidnapped during a raid by the US troops on Iran’s consulate general in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil around three months ago. Speaking to FNA here on Saturday, member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Nabi Roudaki expressed regret over the recent statements made by a US official who had said that the five Iranian diplomats would not be released.

“We advise the United States to set these diplomats free because abduction of the diplomats is a blatant violation of the international rules and regulations,” the parliament deputy stressed.

He further reminded that Americans have not found any documents or papers substantiating Iran’s interference in Iraq’s domestic affairs or showing that the five abductees are not diplomats or sent to Iraq on an undiplomatic mission.

“Otherwise, the Americans would have certainly released the documents and publicized them,” Roudaki continued.

“Considering that the Iraqi president has announced that the said individuals have been arrested in Iran’s consulate in Erbil, the US administration is required to show respect for diplomatic rules and set them free immediately,” he said.

Also noting the abduction of some Iraqi officials, such as deputy health minister, by the US troops, the MP warned that Iraqi people might reciprocate such actions due to their sacred wrath at the US measures and embark on kidnapping US diplomats in Iraq.

He pointed to the massacre of a daily number of around 100 people in Iraq, and mentioned that US occupation of Iraq has angered the Iraqi nation very deeply, reminding that the recent demonstration staged by 400 thousand people in the city of Najaf, where demonstrators set the US flag on fire, indicates the Iraqi people’s wrath and hatred for the US occupation.

“If occupiers of Iraq do not end their occupation, this will be the Iraqi nation who will put an end to it some day,” Roudaki concluded.

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