Iran not Defeated by Psychological War

Iranian First Vice-President Parviz Dawoodi said enemies have found out that they cannot defeat the Iranian nation through psychological warfare and they are, thus, now retreating their arrogant stances step-by-step. Addressing a high administrative council session at Khorassan Razavi province Saturday night, Dawoodi praised creativity of the Iranian people, the youth in particular, saying that Iran’s extensive progresses have made enemies withdraw from their stances.

He further noted Iran’s access to the industrial phase of nuclear fuel production, which, he said, has confused the enemies, adding that the country’s scientific progress in different arenas, specially in the area of nuclear technology has paved the way for Iran’s influential presence in international equations.

Dawoodi pointed to the enemies’ failed plots against Iran, and reminded that enemies seek to sow discord among the Iranian nation in an effort to undermine Iranians’ spirit of independence-seeking.

Stressing that passing resolutions by the UN Security Council (UNSC) against Iran would not be followed by any significant economic impacts on his country, he said that the western countries seek to launch psychological war and make an instrumental use of UNSC resolutions.

“But the Iranian nation and government are moving on the path of progress more powerfully and vigilantly than ever,” the official underscored.

He said that UNSC resolutions aim to undermine the socio-psychological conditions of the Iranian society, and added, “But the Iranian government and nation under the leadership of the Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) are standing up against threats and do not allow enemy to strike any blows at the high spirit of our society.”

Dawoodi further reiterated the necessity for the materialization of national unity and Islamic solidarity, and reminded that enemies intend to sow discord among the entire world Muslims.

He noted the efforts made by president Ahmadinejad’s administration for developing ties with the different Muslim, regional and world countries, and said Tehran has adopted various measures, such as facilitating issuance of entry visa, in a bid to introduce the justice-seeking Iranian nation to the entire world.

“When our president intended to attend the UN Security Council meeting, the United States rocked the boat, but despite all the problems raised by the enemies, we could succeed in conveying the justice-seeking voice of the Iranian nation to the world through different means, including the pardoning of the 15 British military troops, which received a wide media coverage,” Dawoodi continued.

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