Speaker Blasts US for Catastrophes in Iraq

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said that interventions by big powers, specially the US, are the root cause of all the catastrophes, problems and hardships of the Iraqi people, stressing that Iraqis themselves can stand against terrorists. Addressing an open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly here on Sunday, Haddad Adel pointed to the recent terrorist attacks in Iraq in the last few days, and said, “Explosions have increased in Iraq. We have witnessed regrettable terrorist attacks on Iraqi parliament and in Karbala, which claimed many lives and wounded many others.”

He further condemned the terrorist measures and voiced Iran’s hatred for the said criminal operations.

The chief legislative official expressed sympathy with the Iraqi people and extended his condolences on the occasion.

He further claimed big powers, particularly the US, responsible for the catastrophes, hardships and problems of the Iraqi people, and said that Saddam Hussein’s strikes on Iranian and Iraqi nations were backed up by the US.

“And today, all the catastrophes imposed on the Iraqi and regional people have happened due to the United States’ military invasion,” Haddad Adel continued.

He assured that if the US withdraws from Iraq, conditions of that country would not aggravate any further. “The conditions would, rather, grow well because if we can accept that Americans are not involved with these issues (terrorist actions), then their withdrawal would take terrorists’ excuses away from them.”

“How has their deployment in Iraq prevented occurrence of terrorist operations,” Haddad Adel asked, reminding that all the US naval and air fleet have proved inefficient in quelling unrests in Iraq.

To end his remarks, the Iranian parliament speaker called for the transfer of administrative affairs to the Iraqi people, underlining that Iraqi people can take the required measures to confront terrorists and terrorist attacks.

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