Hakim Dismisses Allegations about Iran’s Intervention in Iraq

A01175373.jpgAnyone alleging Iran’s interference in Iraq should present substantiating documents in this regard, Political advisor to the chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Islamic Revolution in Iraq Mohsen Hakim said on Monday.Speaking to FNA, the Advisor to Abdul Aziz al-Hakim reminded that the Islamic Republic has always rendered support to the Iraqi nation and government and that Tehran has provided abundant assistance for the people of that country in all the different scenes both prior and after the era of Saddam Hussein.

He further viewed Iran as the most significant supporter for the formation of the political process in Iraq, and stressed, “There exists no reason for Iran’s negative interference in Iraq, and anybody claiming that should present corroborative documents and proofs in this regard.”

Hakim further reiterated his country’s willingness for establishing good relations with the neighboring states, and continued, “Both during the era of Saddam and afterwards, a number of countries support the Iraqi nation, with Iran being on top of them.”

He reminded that the visits to Tehran by Mr. al-Maliki and other Iraqi leaders, including Tariq al-Hashemi and al-Mashhadani, were all aimed at developing excellent and deserving ties with Iran.

These statements come at a time when spokesman of the Iraqi government in Washington last week alleged that Iran is practicing negative influence in Iraq, and called on the US and Iran to reach an understanding and make the needed arrangements to end confrontation in Iraq.

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