Palestinian Nation Victimized by Inequality

A01918643.jpgVenezuela’s chare d’affair to Tehran described Palestinian nation as a victim of injustice and inequality, and called on the world countries to open their eyes to the ongoing catastrophe in Palestine. Addressing a ceremony to mark Venezuela’s Independence Day, the diplomat further said not only the Palestinian nation, but also the Iraqis and Afghans are all victims of inequality, and stressed the need for all nations to render support to the oppressed people.

He further said that the whole mankind today is a victim of injustice and inequality.

“That’s why nations are growingly demanding independence,” he continued.

Pointing to the world balance and equations, the Venezuelan diplomat also reiterated the need for the formation of a multipolar world system, and said, “We are also eager to have a powerful Latin America among the present world powers, including China, Russia and Europe, through which we could speak to those world powers which have imposed themselves on us.”

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