Venezuela Supports Iran’s N. Rights

Venezuelan parliament speaker voiced his country’s full support for Iran’s right to access civilian nuclear technology. According to a report released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, the issue was raised during a meeting between the Venezuelan top legislator and Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Caracas on Friday, where the two sides discussed the latest developments in bilateral ties, and exchanged views about issues of the Middle-East and Iran’s nuclear activities.

During the meeting, Mottaki noted the two countries’ good relations, and described Iranian and Venezuelan parliaments as symbols of national demands and aspirations as well as a proper incitement for the expansion of mutual relations.

Referring to the latest developments in Iran’s nuclear activities, he reminded that the US and the West had based their strategy on Iran’s nuclear activities on two main pillars till last year.

“First that they should not concede to Iran’s uranium enrichment, and second that they can confidently convince Iran to give up its right,” the minister added.

He continued, “But the Iranian government’s policy made them change their strategy. Firstly, they realized that Iran would not give up its right under any conditions, and secondly, they grew dubious about their efforts to prevent enrichment in Iran.”

Mottaki said Iran’s nuclearization celebrations and entrance into the nuclear fuel production at industrial scale revealed that Iran will never give up its right.

For his part, Venezuelan parliament speaker said that his country, as a friend and supporter of Iran, supports Iran’s inalienable (nuclear) right and insists on this support.

He further termed Iran’s policy decisive and logical, and underlined that the Venezuelan nation and government will side with the Iranian nation and government on all the bilateral, international and regional scenes.

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