Ortega: Iran Seeks Peace, Justice

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega said Iran’s policy is in pursuit of peace and justice, and further described the Islamic Republic of Iran as the biggest victim of terrorism. According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, Ortega made the remarks during a meeting with the visiting Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, in Managua on Sunday.

Also during the meeting, Mottaki reminded that the recent visit to Nicaragua by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad laid a proper ground for the expansion of mutual ties, adding that his trip is aimed at accelerating implementation of the agreements reached by the two presidents and activation of new potentials.

“Justice-seeking, which is a common slogan of the leaders of both countries to help welfare and development of the two states, strengthens our resolve to bolster the two nations’ cooperation,” he continued.

“Today, we are having desirable relations with all Latin states,” Mottaki told Ortega, adding, “during this visit, the two sides have reached agreements in the area of agriculture, water, power, energy, investment and implementation of different projects in Nicaragua, which will all be put into effect during your trip to Tehran.”

For his part, Nicaraguan president reminded that during the recent visit to Managua by Ahmadinejad, the two sides agreed to cooperate with each other in grounds of economy, industry, campaign against hunger and poverty, which he described them as the heritage of colonialist powers in Latin America.

He further viewed the current visit to Latin America by Iranian Foreign Minister in line with peace and friendship, and said, “Campaign for the expansion of justice and reality in the form of the development of economic ties and assistance to the progress and development of Latino nations sets the most important goal pursued by the visit to Latin America by officials of Iran, which is our age old friend in the world.”

“Iranian nation is one of the main victims of terrorism, and I do not forget the shooting down of your passenger airliner in the Persian Gulf, which was a terrorist measure,” Ortega stressed.

He added, “Today, the United States showed its support for terrorism by releasing the terrorist who caused the crash of the Cuban passenger plane.”

Ortega further reiterated that adoption of the said measure and torture of prisoners in Guantanamo and Iraqi prisons as well as military interventions in other countries by the US all indicate the blatant contradiction existing in Washington’s words and actions regarding campaign against terrorism.

“We are confident that you will, God Willing, gain victory in attaining your political goals which are in line with peace and justice, and we have always been and will be with Iran,” the Nicaraguan president underscored.

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