US Seeks to Keep Region Insecure

Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said the United States seeks to keep the region insecure and under critical conditions through sowing discord between Iran and Arab states and forging a fear from Iran. “The United States is trying to promote the ridiculous notion of Iranophobia to sow discord between Iran and Arab countries and keep the strategic Middle-East region insecure and under critical conditions so that it can continue its illegitimate presence, place Israel in a safe margin and spark arms race,” Brigadier General Najjar said.

He further said the US seeks to impede expansion and consolidation of Iran’s relations with Arab and Islamic countries in a variety of ways, adding that the frequent visits to the region by the US officials serves the same goal.

“The kind of behavior shown by the US in Iraq illustrates that Americans are running a part of explosions, insecurities and terrorist attacks in there in order to justify their continued deployment in that country and lay the ground for the involvement of the European countries in Iraq’s crisis making it an international crisis,” the General continued.

He said if the US succeeds in implementing its devilish plots, the Middle-East region will burn on fire and the regional nations and governments will be obliged to sustain heavy losses.

Najjar also described hegemony over Arab-Islamic countries and undermining national sovereignty and mightiness of Muslim states as among the devilish goals pursued by the Israeli regime, and further stressed the need for the utilization of the huge power, capital and resources of Islamic countries for the development and progress of Muslim nations and for defusing the plots of the enemies.

“After the failure of the Zionists in expanding their territories under their Nile-to-Euphrates plan, the Israeli regime, cooperated with the White House leaders, is now trying to implement the dangerous plot of the Euphrates-to-Nile to expand its territories and this plot was started by the US invasion of Iraq,” he mentioned.

The Iranian defense minister further called on all Muslim states to give up differences, maintain vigilance, unity and solidarity and expand ties and cooperation as the only way to encounter the devilish plots of the US and Israel in the region.

He expressed the hope that as a result of vigilance of all Islamic and Arab nations and governments, the regional countries would witness unity, solidarity, tranquility, peace and security in the current year which has been named by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei as the ‘Year of National Unity and Islamic Solidarity’.”

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