Enemy Seeks to Escape Region

Owing to the vigilance of Iran’s armed forces, enemy is seeking to escape from the region, commander-in-chief of the Islamic Republic army said on Monday. “We are monitoring and controlling all enemy moves in the region and the enemy is well informed of this, and due to the same reason it is seeking an opportunity to escape from the region,” Major General Ataollah Salehi said.

He also reminded that his country is monitoring all moves in the region due to the threats posed by the regional and trans-regional forces.

“Today threats in the regional countries have grown arrogant and we have been able to act as an element of deterrence in the region due to the preparedness and precise performance of our forces,” the General continued.

He said Iran is not worried about enemy moves as it is well informed of the enemies’ weak points, reminding that the country’s enemies have weaknesses which have been hidden under their propaganda.

The army commander also praised his forces’ scientific and technological achievements, and said, “Considering our home-made advanced technology which has been gained through self-reliance, the Islamic Republic Defense Ministry is today equipped with the best type of industry in such a way that we are now even capable of manufacturing tanks and planes.”

He said that in addition to the mass production of weapons and military equipment, his country optimizes weapons as well.

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