Islamic Republic Seeks Expansion of Justice

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called on government to regulate laborer-investor relations in a proper manner and remove the two sides’ feeling of insecurity to pave the way for the country’s economic prosperity through increased investment and value added. Addressing thousands of workers on the occasion of the World Workers’ Day, the Leader further described workers, investors and government as the three angles of the country’s economic progress, reminding that economic progress and prosperity sets a major goal of the country.

“This progress necessitates increased production, cooperation among workers, investors and government and proper fulfillment of duties by each of the said parties,” he continued.

Also stressing the need for increased quality of locally manufactured products, Ayatollah Khamenei called on the government to promote technical and professional trainings to lay the ground for workers’ increased innovations.

He warned that enemies strive to sow discord among the different classes of the society, including union guilds, to disturb government’s concentrated planning, and further called on the nation to safeguard unity and solidarity.

The Supreme Leader also stated that the Iranian nation has proved its power and talents in the last 27 years (following the victory of the Islamic Revolution), and stressed that Iranian people have reached a point where no one can humiliate them any more.

“The independent, glorious and honorable Iranian nation, with its ample human force and young and talented men and women, today more than ever feels powerful enough for a rapid movement on the path of progress and advancement,” he reiterated.

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