Iran, UAE Free Trade Zones Start Commercial Flights

Iran and the United Arab Emirates started cargo flights between their free trade zones, managing director of Payam Special Economic Zone said on Wednesday. Mohammad Ali Mohebbi further told FNA that an EM110 cargo plane with a loading capacity of 2 tons is now deployed at the airport of Iran’s southern island of Qeshm and will transport goods and commodities between Dubai and Qeshm.

Noting the development of cooperation among Iran’s free and special economic zones, he said that another EM110 cargo plane will start commercial flights between Kish Island and Dubai in the coming days.

Start of commercial flights between Iran’s Persian Gulf islands of Kish and Qeshm and UAE’s free zones takes place due to the problems attached to the shipment of goods via sea and the low insurance compensation rates for the transport of goods through sea, the official said.

He also added that the EM110 cargo planes are capable of flying 7 sorties a day via the said route.

Mohebbi also reminded that at present some 5 EM110 planes, 2 helicopters and two 737 Boeings provide transport services on the different routes from Payam airport to UAE, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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