US Needs Iran’s Help for Withdrawal from Iraq

To get out of the quagmire it has created in Iraq, the United States is in need of Iran’s aid and assistance, Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi said here on Wednesday. Addressing a meeting of teachers in Iran’s northeastern town of Fariman on the occasion of the “Teachers’ Day”, the minister said that the US sent several intermediaries to persuade Iran into participation in Iraq security conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, and stressed that Iran conceded only after it was assured of the goals pursued by the conference and after it was ascertained that the conference aims to help establish security in Iraq.

“When Iraqi officials called on Iran to participate in the meeting and announced that they ask for Iran’s attendance because of the significant role the Islamic Republic plays in the region and in the establishment of Iraq’s security and when they said that Iran’s participation was demanded by the Iraqi people, we agreed to take part in the meeting,” he said.

Pour-Mohammadi reminded that the great powers sought to push Iran into isolation through using the UN Security Council, passing resolutions and utilizing propaganda.

“But they realized that under critical conditions, the Iranian people turns into a nation which produces and directs history,” he continued.

Describing people as an effective and decisive factor in the Islamic Republic ruling system, the interior minister also reminded, “Iran’s presence at the Sharm el-Sheikh summit which was demanded by the Iraqi people and government, proves that Iran has grown into an international power and that all the plots of the enemies have fallen flat.”

“Our access to civilian nuclear technology, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and other branches of hi-tech and advanced science substantiates the very same fact,” he stressed.

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