Iran Entitled to Diversity in Using Renewable Energy Sources

Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh said on Wednesday that Iran is entitled to diversity in using renewable energy sources and that it is determined to materialize such a right.Vaziri Hamaneh made the remarks while addressing the second seminar of oil cooperation among Asian countries as the first lecturer on the second day of the event.

“Therefore, access to nuclear energy for a developing country with a young population such as Iran within the framework of NPT and under its supervision is unavoidable,” he added.

The minister urged that such a policy should be supported by the world, given that it helps provide security for supply of fossil fuel.

He noted that at present more than 98 percent of the required primary energy consumption in Iran is supplied by oil and gas reserves, adding that gas accounts for 60 percent of domestic energy consumption.

“Materializing security of energy requires simultaneous attention to various dimensions of the issue as well as continuous cooperation and talks between consumers and producers of energy,” said the minister.

“Is it possible to establish security in the energy sector, given the growing insecurity and tension in the region,” he asked.

Turning to the fact that oil industry actually marks peace and security, he said that oil and gas industries develop under peaceful and secure conditions.

Vaziri Hamaneh said that there are sufficient financial funds for further exploration of oil and gas, adding that however, the present concerns are associated with the obstacles caused by the free flow of investments in the field based on political incentives.

The second seminar of oil cooperation among Asian countries opened in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on Tuesday.

The event is attended by representatives of 17 Asian countries including Iran, China, India, Japan, Iraq, South Korea, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Philippines, Brunei and Saudi Arabia, which is hosting the conference.

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