Iranian Councilors Urged not to Eye Mayoralty

A prominent lawmaker said the election of mayor should not be politicized or influenced by lobbies. Speaking to FNA, Emad Afrough said that the candidacy of city councilors for the post of mayor is irrational, noting that the people have voted for councilors to serve them in the council and not for becoming mayor.

“The delay in electing the mayor indicates continuing political games and tensions inside Tehran City Council,” he said.

He pointed out that politicians experience both rise and fall throughout their political lives and the current behavior of councilors indicates a decline in their political performance.

“The councilors should not expedite this decline. The reason people distanced themselves from the first Tehran City Council was that councilors wanted to use the council as a means for achieving their political objectives,” he said.

Afrough expressed the hope that as the second council managed to avoid political tensions, the incumbent councilors would also be able to do the same.

While congratulating the members of the third Tehran City Council, Afrough noted that if someone gives advice to councilors, it should not be interpreted as interference in council affairs.

The new Tehran City Council convened on May 1.

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