US Humiliated in Sharm el-Sheikh Conference

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said Iraq security talks in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh brought deeper humiliation for the US and displayed Iran’s good intentions in connection with the solution of the Iraqi nation’s problems. “The United States used to pursue a unilateral approach, but it is now insistent on inviting Iran to such conferences,” the General said when asked by reporters here in Tehran on Tuesday to comment on the recent change in the United States’ tone and attitude towards Iran.

He said such meetings are said to be held for rescuing the Iraqi people while they originally seek to rescue Americans from the problem of Iraq, adding, “Although they ignored the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they have now been obliged to accept this reality because Iran’s vital role in the region has been proved to the world.”

Pointing to the achievements gained by the Egypt meeting, Najjar said the conference displayed that Iran is a real supporter of the Iraqi nation.

“When Iran’s 1-billion-dollar aid to Iraq was announced, it surprised Americans and brought them deeper humiliation,” he continued.

The defense minister also pointed out, “The US begged for Iran’s help to get rid of Iraq’s quagmire, and they were insistent on Iran’s participation in the Sharm el-Sheikh conference because the world has realized Iran’s good intentions in relation to the solution of the problems of the Iraqi nation.”

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