Iran’s Response to Aggressions will Be Surprising, Crushing

A02382638.jpgWe warn that Iran’s response to any kind of military invasion will be decisive, suppressive, crushing and surprising said Iranian Defense Minister General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, in clear reference to the recent statements made by US Vice President Dick Cheney. “Safeguarding and protecting peace and tranquility is the raison detre of military troops, and not launching war, occupation, massacre, posing threat and disturbing others’ calm and security, ” the General added.

He reminded that the statements made by Cheney and other US statesmen are in blatant violation of the international norms, stressing that the world public opinion, the American citizens and Europe cannot stand the belligerent attitude of the US administration.

Najjar further underlined that his country would never start military conflicts and war, but meantime warned the US vice president and White House residents to avoid adopting military options against the Islamic Iran.

“I do warn Mr. Cheney and other White House leaders right from here that the response of the Islamic Iran and its united nation and armed forces to any military invasion would be so crushing, suppressive, decisive and surprising that the demoralized, disoriented and discouraged US soldiers would not be able to stand it,” the Iranian defense minister reiterated.

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