Iran’s Achievements Belong to Muslim World

A02439168.jpgIranian parliament speaker in a meeting with his Moroccan counterpart here in Tehran on Tuesday, reiterated that the entire material and spiritual achievements and possibilities of the Islamic Republic in the various scientific and technological areas belong to the world of Islam. A statement released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that also during the meeting, Haddad Adel voiced pleasure in the two countries’ good and brotherly ties, and said that frequent and mutual visits by the two countries’ senior political and parliamentary officials illustrated Iran-Morocco cordial relations.

He further expressed hope that the two countries’ mutual relations in all the different political, economic, parliamentary, regional and international grounds would further develop and consolidate.

The speaker also stressed that establishment of extensive and consolidated ties with Islamic countries sets a main priority of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy.

Noting the significance of Morocco and its role in the world of Islam, he said that Moroccan people have played the role of a liaison in the Muslim world.

He pointed to the role of the Islamic Revolution in deepening Islamic and religious beliefs, and underlined Iran’s solidarity with the Muslim world.

“The entire material and spiritual achievements and possibilities of the Islamic Republic in the various scientific and technological areas belong to the world of Islam,” Haddad Adel reiterated.

He further pointed out that Iran’s resistance to the expansionist policies of the big powers serves the interests of the Muslim states, and noting the negative consequences and effects of aliens’ interference in Islamic countries, including sowing the seeds of religious discord among Muslims, he stressed the need for enhanced solidarity and unity of the Islamic world to counter the said plot.

The speaker viewed Morocco’s presidency over the Qods Committee of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as a great source of honor and a serious responsibility for that country.

To end his remarks, Haddad Adel stressed the need for the settlement of the domestic problems of Islamic countries by their own people and governments, and expressed the hope that such problems would be solved through the proper planning by the officials of the said states.

For his part, Moroccan parliament speaker appreciated Iran’s hospitality, and noted the several-thousand-year-old role of Iran in the formation of human civilization, expansion of science and techniques and reinvigoration of the Islamic culture and civilization, saying that consolidation and deepening of ties with the Islamic Republic is an honor for his country.

He further described Iran as one of the most important pillars of the Middle-East, which holds an outstanding position in the region.

The official also assessed as very significant and decisive Iran’s role in supporting the issues of the Muslim and Arab worlds, including the Palestinian issue, establishment of unity and solidarity among Muslims and defending the legitimate rights of the Muslims.

He pointed to the two countries’ close and harmonious stances on different international issues, and viewed Iran’s access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes as the Islamic Republic’s legitimate and inalienable right.

“Acquisition of civilian nuclear technology is the right of all nations,” the Moroccan parliament speaker underscored.

To conclude his remarks, he extended an invitation to the Iranian parliament speaker to pay an official visit to the Kingdom of Morocco.

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