Iran-US Talks Merely Center on Occupiers’ Duty for Iraq’s Security

A01850211.jpgSupreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Wednesday stressed that the upcoming talks between Iran and the US will only include a discussion of the duties of foreign troops for restoring security in Iraq. “I tell Americans even the issue of Iraq is not related to you, the talks will merely include duties of occupiers in the face of Iraq’s security,” the Supreme Leader underlined, while addressing a congregation of clerics, religious scientists, jurisprudents, Friday Prayers leaders and religious students in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashad.

“Those who imagine that the Islamic Republic of Iran would change its consolidated, logical and definitely defendable policy of abstinence from negotiations and relations with the United States are in deep mistake,” he added.

“How could we attend talks with the United States’ arrogant, bullying, expansionist and colonialist government, specially when arrogant and impolite statesmen are in charge (of the US administration),” Ayatollah Khamenei continued.

Noting the topic of talks between Iran and the US over Iraq, he reminded, “Owing to the fact that the United States, as an occupying state, is not fulfilling its duties for establishing security in Iraq, prevents the Iraqi government from making any action, strives to topple the Iraqi government and supports the terrorists, the (Iranian) ministry of foreign affairs, upon the Iraqi government’s request, decided to remind the United States of its responsibilities and duties in relation to the establishment of security in Iraq and say the last words to the Americans through face-to-face talks.”

The Leader reminded that the upcoming talks were scheduled for last year, but they were called off due to the improper behavior of the Americans.

“But this time they have extended a written request,” he continued.

Ayatollah Khamenei further mentioned, “Americans say that no other topic would be discussed during negotiations with Iran except for the issues of Iraq, but we tell them that even the issue of Iraq is not their business and the talks will merely include duties of occupiers with regard to Iraq’s security.”

The Supreme Leader reiterated that as long as the policies of the United States’ arrogant government are in place, the Islamic Republic’s policy for abstaining from negotiations and relations with the US would continue unchanged.

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