US general admits Iraq in doubts now

188.jpgThe general picked by the US president to turn things around in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has admitted that he had misgivings about the so-called surge in Iraq and that results so far have been “mixed”.

At Lieutenant-General Douglas Lute’s senate confirmation hearing for his position on Thursday, he said he had been skeptical of George Bush’s plan to add more than 21,000 combat soldiers to Iraq before it was announced in January.


“I expressed concerns in the policy development phase … that this not be simply a one-dimensional surge,” the three-star army general told the hearing. His comments came as the US invaders and occupants reached another milestone in Iraq on Thursday, with their deaths crossing the 3,500 mark.


Attacks also claimed at least 15 Iraqi lives on Thursday and Muqtada al-Sadr, an influential Iraqi leader, blamed Washington for many of Iraq’s problems. Al-Sadr also criticised the Iraq government for failing to provide essential services to the people and helping the displaced.


Lute said the surge would “likely have only temporary and localised effects” unless it was accompanied by parallel efforts by the Iraqi army and civilian US government departments.


But he said “the bidding is still out” on whether his skepticism had been justified by events so far. “Early results are mixed. Conditions on the ground are deeply complex and are likely to continue to evolve, meaning that we will need to constantly adapt,” he said.


They also ask whether such a position is too little too late to turn around a war most Americans no longer support. But the ideal way for the invaders would be to leave Iraq and entire Middle East. It should stop meddling at the affairs of Muslim States.

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