EU legislators oppose repression in Iran, group terror listing

Belgium- (VRT Television) – A man is arrested in Tehran streets and is brutally tortured by masked men in public.The pictures are recorded using mobile phones and are smuggled out secretly by the supporters of the Iranian Resistance.

The people who are exposing these violent acts of the Iranian regime are themselves listed as a terror organization.  

The Mojahedin-e-Khalq is the main opposition group active in Iran and has been listed in the terror list since 2002.

But as thousands of European Members of Parliament believe this group is unjustly listed without any proof.

“They are listed due to political reasons as the European Council adapted an appeasement policy toward Iran,” said Vidal-Quatras, Vice President of European Parliament.

The Resistance staged a demonstration in Brussels early March to pressure the European Union to delist this organization but the EU insisted on keeping them there despite the top European Court ruling that has ordered the Council to remove them from the list.

“We are certain that they have nothing against us. The documents they say are classified do not exist.  We have much experience with this regard.“ Says Mohammad Mohaddessin at a press conference in Brussels.

The European Union has announced that it can not reveal all documents because they come from the UK and French intelligence agencies.

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