More Iranian Regime’s Agents Arrested in Iraq

NCRI – Coalition forces in Iraq announced they had arrested 16 terrorists tied to Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry who smuggled bombs and Explosively Formed Penetrators (E.F.P) from Iran to Iraq. These terrorists were arrested on Thursday in Sadr city near Baghdad.Multi-national forces news center reported: The detainees are part of a terrorist network that smuggled bombs and EFPs from Iran to Iraq. They have also taken part in transferring militias for terrorist training from Iraq to Iran. A key commander of a terrorist network with ties to Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has been arrested too.

He is said to be responsible for numerous attacks on Iraqi civilians as well as Iraqi and coalition forces.

Christopher Garver, a spokesman for the multi-national forces in Iraq reiterated: “We will find terrorists no matter where they hide. Eradicating the networks that smuggle E.F.P’s has a high priority for us.”

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