Iranian Regime has Intensified Meddling in Turkey

NCRI – Based on reports, Iranian regime’s officials have held meetings with Ali Khamenei where they have decided to employ the Islamic Fundamentalists to intensify terror activities against Western interests.A top secret report from sources within the regime specifies that it has been decided to allocate as much amount of funds necessary to activate their proxy forces in other countries.

In one of these meetings they made the decision to increase activities in Turkey and recruit that country’s Alevi society members. As a result, regime’s embassy and consulates in Turkey have extended invitations to members of Alevi society to visit Iranian holy sites and offered them financial assistance to build their mosques.

Turkey’s Alevi society has rejected regime’s invitation as well as monetary offer.

Regime’s other actions include the so-called cultural activities. They have set up cultural centers in Istanbul neighborhoods, specifically in Halkali district which is one of the biggest Shiite districts. There are slogans on the walls about Lebanese Hezbollah and the support they get from the Iranian regime. This is happening amid the fact that in Turkey, nobody has mentioned Hezbollah in recent years.  

Last month, the terrorist Quds Force under the banner of Iranian Hezbollah announced the formation of “Confederation of Shiite Parties” with members from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Pakistan. Their central office is located in Tehran.

The Iranian regime which is increasingly pressured has started exporting crisis as an exit strategy and has decided to intensify terrorist activities and spread of Islamic fundamentalism in the region.

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