Iraqi Political Sources: Iran and Maleki are the beneficiaries of the explosion in the Holy Shrine

1184.jpgOn Wednesday, Almalaf website reported: Iraqi political sources believe that those who planned the destruction of the minarets of the Holy Shrine in Samarra are the ones who plan to undermine the newly formed political establishment and continue in crisis mode to remain in power.The article continues: “The explosion of the minarets of the Holy Shrine occurred after the Supreme National Security Council of Iran in a meeting decided to intensify acts of terrorism in Iraq. This was reported on Tuesday by Almalaf.

“This is happening at a time when the shadow of a U.S. military action against Iran is looming. These explosions again muddle up the issues in Iraq and in the region. The real question is who benefits from this chaos?

“The Jordanian officials who were contacted on this issue have no doubt that the Iraqi militias are directly behind this act. They have secret contacts with the Iraqi and the Iranian government and are acting to serve their goals.

“These sources believe that violent activities will increase in the coming days.”

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