Military operation to continue in Somalia

1180.jpgIn a closed-door meeting with his cabinet ministers Thursday, Somalia’s puppet prime minister Ali Mohammed Gedi said there were no casualties in the Ethiopian and Somalia troops after unknown gunmen attacked their military bases in at least three neighborhoods of the Somali capital overnight.Haji Goobdoon, the government spokesman, said that Gedi indicated the military operations carried out by the allied troops, Somalia and Ethiopia, in the capital were progressive and produced good results. However he did not comment that the Ethiopians are in fact invaders, who should go out from Somalia.


The huge explosions could be heard in Mogadishu as heavy exchanges of gunfire followed, residents around former pasta plant where Ethiopian troops are based reported.


“We were very frightened as several blasts occurred and exchanges of gunfire followed. The whole incident lasted between twenty and thirty minutes,” Feynus Ali, a resident said.
Goobdoon said the roads have been blocked to secure the capital. “The troops are searching for weapons and explosives because frequent attacks against the Ethiopian and Somalia troops occur in those areas,” he said.


Two Kenyan border police officers have been killed in Somalia, Ahmed Mohammed Barkus, the chairman of Somalia’s Balet Hawa town near the Kenyan border, said.


He said the bodies of two Kenyans have been found in Duhul Dhurwa that lies between the Somalia-Kenyan border. “The bodies showed signs of bullets and a large number of Kenyan and Somali troops have now cordoned off the area. We are not yet sure who the killers are but we will find them,” he said. No group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

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