Iranian Resistance, victim of injustice

NCRI – The German daily, Hannoverche Allgemeine (HAZ) reported on Friday, ”Whether the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) are terrorist is disputed in the EU. The EU Court of Justice does not hold this view but the Council of Ministers is insisting on its decision.Therefore the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran is requesting Chancellor Angela Merkel to press the executive branches in the European countries to respect their own court’s ruling.  The Chancellor’s office has not taken any position on this issue as yet.”

“In some smaller European countries such as Denmark, Belgium and Netherlands, parliamentarians have accused the EU Council of Ministers of ignoring the court’s ruling. “

The report adds, “EU came up with a common position against terrorism after the 9/11  terrorist attacks thus elaborated a terrorist list. All the groups included in the list had their financial assets frozen. MEK was included too. The Iranian exiles in Germany express openly the suspicious that Britain and France want to keep this labeling. These countries do not want to spoil their relation with Tehran and undermine their economic interests.

“The European Union can not reach  to a uniform position, although at the end of 2006 the judges in Luxembourg declared the EU decision on freezing the MEK funds invalid. MEK explains that they have denounced violence years ago. In Germany they refer to a ruling issued in 1998 by the State Attorney General specifying that according to “article 129 of criminal code” they are not suspected of any wrong doing. The ruling states: “the activities of MEK do not pose any threats to national or international interests of Germany.”

“The representative office of Iranian exiles in Berlin would like to have the contradiction between the ruling of the EU court and the EU Council of Ministers’ decision resolved while Germany holds the EU Presidency. Above all  Javad Dabiran, spokesman for that office says the most important matter is to prevent sending the wrong message to the rulers of Iran. The Iranian regime views the EU decision as a “sign of positive mutual act.”

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