Abbas Implements Zio-American Scheme to Hamas

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, the spokesman of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip, has described the emergency government that was formed by decrees from PA chief Mahmoud Abbas as “unpatriotic and illegitimate”.
The emergency government was sworn-in by Abbas Sunday without getting the approval and confidence from the legitimate PA legislature as the PA basic law stipulates.

“This is an unpatriotic government because it shunned all previous national agreements and transgressed them; and it is an illegitimate government because there was no such article talking about emergency government in the PA constitution in the first place”, affirmed Abu Zuhri.

The Hamas spokesman also deprecated Abba for undermining and violating the PA constitution although he (Abbas) knows that the law doesn’t allow him to take such measures.

On the other hand, Abu Zuhri affirmed that Hamas was still considering itself as part of the setup of the legitimate PA unity government that followed and passed constitutional procedures before it was established.

He further added, “I believe that the illegitimate emergency government of Abbas will fail in imposing itself on the Palestinian people in the West Bank because the Palestinian street couldn’t be ruled in such a wrong manner as there were big forces like Hamas in the region”.

Commenting on Abbas’ decrees of dissolving the PA unity government and outlawing the PA interior ministry’s executive force, Abu Zuhri charged that Abbas was rotating in and implementing a Zio-American scheme to topple and isolate Hamas Movement.

In this context, Abu Zuhri warned of stories suggesting that Abbas could issue an edict in which he would outlaw Hamas Movement in the West Bank, asserting that “Hamas isn’t a person to be easily outlawed, but it is the entire Palestinian people”.

Finally, Abu Zuhri reiterated his Movement’s stand of resorting to inter-Palestinian dialogue as the only option to bail the Palestinian people out of the current crises.

But he pointed out that Abbas had rejected many calls from Hamas leaders, Arab countries, and Arab League to meet with Hamas political leadership, which obviously proves that he wasn’t concerned in solving the crises.

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