Iraq – Diyala condemns Iran meddling, welcomes Mujahedeen-Khalq

1211.jpgNCRI – Reuters reported on Sunday, June 17 from Baghdad, that the Iraqi tribal leaders and local politicians and parliamentarians from the Iraqi province of Diyala in a conference condemned the Iranian meddling in Iraq and voiced their support for the presence of the Iranian opposition, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), in Diyala province, on Saturday. They stated the organization contributes to the stability and security of the province.A statement issued by the Solidarity for Peace and Freedom Conference, a copy of  which was received by Reuters, stated that the representatives from the Diyala province attending the conference condemned meddling of the Iranian regime in the Iraqi province.

According to the Reuters Abdul Karim Zahiri, Coordinator of the National Front for the Salvation of the Diyala province which comprises majority of tribal leaders in the province said, the Conference presented evidence and documents on the intervention of the Iranian regime in the Province, which undermines the security through killings carried out by the militias supported by the Iranian Quds Force of the Iranian intelligence.

“Saleh Mutalk, head of the National Dialogue Front and Dr.  Abdullah al-Jabouri, former governor of Diyala, attended the conference that was held in the Ashraf Camp, which is located north-west of the city of Baquba and is used by the PMOI.

According to Reuters, the Conference statement said, Massoud Rajavi, Leader of Iranian Resistance in a message to the conference saluted the participants and said the Iranian regime has been implementing a phased plan aimed at the occupation of Iraq since 2003 and continues to do so.

“This Organization since four years ago has warned of the danger of the occupation of Iraq by the Iranian regime, which is hundreds of times more dangerous than Iranian nuclear threat.

“The Iranian regime tries to pretend that it is strong and claims hegemony over the Middle East and the Islamic World, while in reality it is at the point of disintegration,” the statement quoted Rajavi.

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