Egyptian authorities attempting to arrange passage for Gaza refugees

1215.jpgEgypt is attempting to arrange safe passage to the West Bank for approximately 340 Palestinian refugees who fled to Egypt in the aftermath of the Hamas victory in Gaza.

Palestinian and Egyptian security officials confirmed on Monday that Egypt is attempting to arrange for the repatriation of 340 Gaza refugees to the West Bank, some of whom are Fatah security officials that fled in the aftermath of Hamas establishing control over the coastal region.

It is understood that the persons in question will be granted temporary travel documents by Egypt, after which they will fly to Jordan and then return to the West Bank.

While Fatah security officials have acknowledged the presence of the refugees in Egypt, they have refused to confirm that they will all return to the West Bank as negotiations with the Jordanian government are ongoing.

“There’s no decision regarding these people’s destination after they leave Egypt. Each one of them has his own destination,” stated Samir Mashharawi, a Fatah security official.

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