Relatives of war crimes fugitives added to EU blacklist

The EU Council has added 15 new names to its blacklist of individuals banned from entering or travelling through EU member countries. According to regional media reports Saturday (June 23rd), the list includes several relatives of fugitives wanted by the UN war crimes tribunal. Among those reportedly added are Radovan Karadzic’s brother and daughter, Luka and Sonja, the son and daughter-in-law of Ratko Mladic, Darko and Biljana, four members of Stojan Zupljanin’s family — his wife Divna, sons Mladen and Pavle, and cousin Slobodan, as well as Goran Hadzic’s wife, Zivka, son and daughter Srecko and Ivana, and Hadzic’s sister, Goranka.On Friday, Republika Srpska (RS) Police Chief Uros Pena said none of the four remaining fugitives — Karadzic, Mladic, Zupljanin and Hadzic — are in RS or BiH.

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