Warning regarding Iran’s spies

French Committee for Democratic Iran in a statement that was published in the French weekly L’Echo Regional warned the public and French authorities of the potential activities of Iranian intelligence services operating in French soil.

L’Echo Regional, June 27, 2007 – Iranian mullah’s scheme aimed at infiltrating the opposition groups, especially within the Iranian immigrant population has previously been exposed in the yearly reports from both German and Netherlands intelligence services.

The techniques include misuse of host country’s democratic regulations to create organizations connected with mullah’s famous secret police, the WAWAK.

Such organizations have not yet taken root in France even though it is Iran’s largest economic partner.  Last month, however, Iranian regime created the “Iranian Immigrant Support Committee.”
The very title of this organization suggests ill intentions because protection of foreign nationals in France is the responsibility and national duty of the French government.  Such is in no way the business of any foreign government. 

Additionally, it is implausible that democracy oriented Iranian refugees fleeing this fundamentalist regime would join or support it in creating such an organization. 

However superficial and phony the humanitarian veil of this committee may appear, its intentions are dangerous because of the Iranian intelligence’s use of “repenting” (of dissidents) technique as a way to legitimize its illicit activities abroad.

French Committee for a Democratic Iran would like to remind all stakeholders of the April 29, 1997 European Union decision which bans the activities of Iran’s intelligence agents.  The same decision calls for expulsion of the exposed agents from the subject countries.

French Committee for a Democratic Iran supports Iranian refugees and their struggle to stop the war mongering religious fundamentalist regime in Iran.

Specifically, we ask the French government to honor the December 12, 2006 ruling of the European Court of Justice. This ruling is against the Iranian regime and its international supporters because it removed Iranian mullah’s main opposition, the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), from the list of terrorist organizations.

Our committee urges the new French government to free France from the misguided policies pursued by the country’s previous administration.  The fact that a regime such as the Islamic Republic would actually claim guardianship of human rights is unbelievable especially when mullahs are the primary supporters of terrorist groups in the Near as well as Middle East and are pursuers of nuclear weapons.

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